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Animation • Motion graphics • Interactive media

Greg Cook has 24 years local and international experience offering animation, motion graphics and visualsation services in the design, advertising, broadcast, architectural, industrial and interior industries.


Email : vgcook@gmail.com

Website : http://be.net/Greg_Cook

Phone : +27 82 335 7714

Address : Johannesburg, South Africa

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Greg Cook

1995 to present

I am a specialist in 3d animation, motion graphics, visualisation and interactive media.
I have worked in the design, advertising, broadcast, web, corporate, product and architectural industries.
My main strengths are giving concepts life, creating winning, exciting, dynamic and realistic media, that is right for each project. I am inspired by natural form, light and texture. There is so much we can learn from life as it is.
To me, ideas and consideration are creativity. The right Intensity achieves the effect. The right content and media create the magic.

My work includes:
3d and 2d motion graphics - animations created from design, imagery and effects.
Visualisation: architecture, interior, industrial, product and graphic design rendering.
Character modelling and rendering.
Interactive media - responsive presentations.
Short movies - including film, image, stock, voice over and sound editing.

I also have experience in IT, hardware and software builds- and advice relating to this.